The garden is a teacher. It teaches patience, resilience, and the value of nurturing. 
It reminds us that life, just like plants, requires care and attention to thrive.

-Christopher Lloyd

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The Garden Club of Celina's mission is to educate and stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening; to share our resources and experiences  through community involvement; and to enjoy fellowship with other gardeners through monthly meetings, field trips and projects. Celina Garden Club also works to fund a scholarship for graduating seniors of Celina High School as well as other projects in our community. In the fall of 2016, we successfully launched the Celina Elementary School GARDEN OF OZ, an independent 501(c)(3).


Executive Board

President - Michella Melton

First Vice President - Karen Chilton

Second Vice President - Tracey Evans

Secretary - Shirley Archambeault

Treasurer - Rox-Ann Hanvey

Communications - Alyson Allen