The 2019 Garden Tour was a wonderful success, THANK YOU!!

We look forward to seeing you, at our new venues, on June 12, 2021!

​​HOW THIS WORKS, IN 2021!!!!:

​--> ​Online Prepaid Ticket booklets, MUST be picked up, ON SATURDAY, from 9am- 1pm, in the PAVILION, downtown square, Celina, TX (Why before 1pm? Sites close at 4pm, firm, and it takes awhile to drive to all of them)  

--> PLEASE HAVE YOUR TICKET BOOKLET IN HAND AT ALL STOPS. This is your proof of purchase. (same day overflow tickets will be a single sheet of paper)

Each ticket sold is more money we can give back to Celina Schools, Students and our town. (Thank you!!)

--> This is a self guided tour, so put the addresses into your GPS and make your way to each stop. Look for giant wooden sunflowers marking each stop. ENJOY!

--> Various foods available at the different venues. Fruit, sandwiches, ice cream, wine, honey - check them all out!

--> Restrooms are not available at all the venues (private homes are closed)

-->Younger children are free with paid adults

-->PET POLICY please don’t bring your pets; it’s too hot to leave them in your car, and we have no facilities or water for them. We worry about them, and our hosts’ yards

 2019 was sponsored by Light Farms

​                                  TICKET BOOKS WERE SOLD AT THESE  LOCATIONS

(thank you to our supportive businesses!)

​--->Annie Jack Design & General Store, 222 W. Walnut St. 972-382-4500

---> D&L Farm and Home, 811 N. Louisiana Dr. 972-382-1197

​---> Texas Seasons Nursery, 807 N. Preston Rd,972-335-9446

​--->Christina's Stone and Garden Center, 14400 Preston, 214-705-9660